Our core values

desa Learn and have fun
Our activities invite the child to observe, manipulate, and experiment, to discover the world for himself.
food-nutrition healthy foods
Encouraging children to eat a balanced diet on a regular basis promotes their well-being
secukid Child safety
Supervision of children in day care is ensured at all times according to the standards of the Ministry of Education
footvb Playful environment
We cultivate a sense of belonging by ensuring that every child, educator and family is actively engaged in our daycar

Our classes

We support and enable children to explore, learn and live and increase their self-esteem in an environment where they feel comfortable, thrive and very happy to be each day
Come and have fun with us in our class of young preschoolers, where imagination and exploration lend themselves to a world of learning.
Curiosity and imagination are the places where learning begins. Your child will turn play into rewarding learning experiences.
School education is an exciting adventure in your child's life. Our educators are committed to helping our children explore and develop their sense of self.
During the school year, we offer before and / or after school program. This program is available to all children enrolled in the elementary school at Horizon Jeunesse

Garderie La Fontaine de l'Amitié

Garderie la Fontaine de l’amitié est un organisme à but non lucratif qui a pour but de servir la communauté en offrant des services de garde de qualité  et en créant un milieu de garde inclusif axé sur le développement sain de l’enfant qui y fréquente.

The child learns through play
The child is the first agent of its development
Child development is a global and integrated process
Collaboration between staff and parents contributes to the harmonious development of the child

Core Values
Cultivate respect, develop sense of belonging, commitment and expression, as well as self-esteem in the child.

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