A stimulating environment!

À la Garderie la Fontaine de l’Amitié, notre mission est de répondre adéquatement aux besoins de la petite enfance en offrant des services de garde de qualité.

Our mission is articulated around three main axes of which the child is at the center, namely:

  • Ensuring their health and safety
  • Education by installing basic pedagogical principles
  • Socialization for a harmonious integration into the community

Welcome all children with love, respect and competence in a warm, healthy, safe and secure environment, open to the world, fun and above all stimulating!

Tel est l’engagement quotidien de l’ensemble des éducatrices de la garderie.

We have a policy of absolute non-violence in the daycare. Any conflict can and must be resolved peacefully.

Notre philosophie met également l’accent sur de saines habitudes de vie telles que l’hygiène et la propreté, l’activité physique, une alimentation équilibrée, la sieste et les activités extérieures quotidiennes.
Les valeurs fondamentales auxquelles nous croyons sont celles de respect, d’estime de soi, d’autonomie, et d’ouverture sur le monde.

Thus, all our actions towards children, parents and within our team are based on these values.

We are committed to helping children acquire the skills necessary for their development and their gradual and harmonious integration into the community.

Our core values

desa Learn and have fun
Our activities invite the child to observe, manipulate, and experiment, to discover the world for himself.
food-nutrition healthy foods
Encouraging children to eat a balanced diet on a regular basis promotes their well-being
secukid Child safety
Supervision of children in day care is ensured at all times according to the standards of the Ministry of Education
footvb Playful environment
We cultivate a sense of belonging by ensuring that every child, educator and family is actively engaged in our daycar

Our Staff

Our staff strives to provide experiences that engage children, stimulate their creativity and satisfy their desire for exploration and discovery. Educators work together to create and maintain a supportive, loving and nonjudgmental environment for all children.


Nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. Your full and active participation, your commitment and your encouragement are always appreciated. You are encouraged to join the Board of Directors of Garderie la Fontaine de l’Amitié if you are interested