Welcome message

Dear parents / guardians,
La garderie La Fontaine de l’amitié welcomes all children, their families and friends. We are a competent, safe and caring team that works in partnership with you to ensure the global development of your child by creating positive and fun experiences throughout the day.
We invite you to come and work with us because it is by working together that we can achieve beautiful projects and goals for the well-being and education of children and the quality of the day care.
Your full and active participation, your commitment and your encouragement are always appreciated. We encourage you to join the Board of Directors of Garderie la Fontaine de l'Amitié. If you are interested, please contact management.
There will be a general meeting once a year and those interested in being part of the Board of Directors will be nominated. All parents are encouraged to come and participate in this meeting. The board of directors is composed of the following members: the president, the vice-president, the treasurer, the secretary and the councilors. All the minutes of the board meetings are available to parents / guardians at the office of the daycare.
Garderie La Fontaine de l’Amitie