Garderie La Fontaine de l’Amitié en Action

(18 months - 2 yrs 5 months old)
We support and enable children to explore, learn and live and increase their self-esteem in an environment where they feel comfortable, thrive and very happy to be each day
2 yrs 6 months old - 4 yrs
Curiosity and imagination are the places where learning begins. Your child will turn play into rewarding learning experiences.
Kindergarten / Garden
(4 - 5 years)
Come and have fun with us in our class of young preschoolers, where imagination and exploration lend themselves to a world of learning.
School children
(6 - 12 years old)
School education is an exciting adventure in your child's life. Our educators are committed to helping our children explore and develop their sense of self.
Before / After School
During the school year, we offer before and / or after school program. This program is available to all children enrolled in the elementary school at Horizon Jeunesse

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